LE 11,950

Short Description

الوصف التعريفي بالمنتج

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Simple Design

Elegant and stylish that can blend into any interior

  • Slim Internal unite

  • Hidden Built in LED 

External Unite Features 

  • Anti corrosion

  • With Stand pressure up to 105 KG

  • Better Sound Isolation & lower vibration 

  • New front grill for better Air intake & performance

  • Side Cover to protect the connecting tubes

More Features 

  • Automatically manage your settings and protect the system from damages in voltage fluctuations.

  • Auto Restart : The air conditioner automatically restarts when electricity suddenly switches off and on.

  • Overload Protect : Due to the unstable infrastructure when load is too high, the compressor faces high electric current or  high temperature To avoid damage to the compressor and protect other components, the air conditioner will pause operation during these abnormal conditions.

  • 170 V : The supply of electricity is usually lower than the demand, especially during hot summers. Electrolux air conditioners even operate at 170V voltage in lower temperatures. Without this feature, air condition minimum operation volt normally is only 198V according to standard requirement.

  • Ion generator actively eliminates bacteria and viruses to help provide a clean and healthy environment.

  • From the air outlet to every corner of the room, air passes through a high voltage field generating active hydrogen oxygen ions in a unique and proactive way.

  • When captured in the electrostatic field, the particles “fall” into the filter, eliminating harmful agents in the air.

  • Kills 99% of bacteria, and removes odour with minimal maintenance or cleaning of  the filter.

  • Cools the room faster by using high fan speed for 20 minutes with simply one touch.

  • Noise level is effectively lowered to 32 dBA.


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